4. Choose Your Story

Storyboards like we said are our planning document they help us ask the questions what story are we trying to tell? And how will we tell it visually?

Option 1.

A snail woke up on a beautiful sunny morning. He started his day the same as he always did, looking around the garbage dump for food and something to drink. Today, however, was different: he stumbled upon the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen. There on top of an old pile of shoes she sat with a banner across her shell that read “SCOTCH TAPE.” He couldn’t wait to climb the shoe mountain to talk to her.

Option 2.

The second hand on the clock seemed to tick by so slowly. She was so excited for that school bell to ring that she could hardly be bothered with her frog dissection. RING RING. She bolted out of the classroom, down the hall, and out the front doors. There was her aunt waiting on her bright green motorcycle with an extra helmet. “C’mon kid, hop on!” her aunt shouted.

Ess Joelle Okemow