3. Storyboard Key Concepts

A storyboard’s biggest role is to convey the story effectively, as close as possible to what the movie would look like at the end. That means that after someone reads your storyboard they should understand the story well.

A few things to help convey the story:

  • Write captions under the drawing

  • Use arrows to show camera movements


Show, don’t tell. Try to use the storyboard as a test to see if your story can be told without the words.

  • Be cinematic. Does your Storyboard show things that movies do? Do people, places and things move or stand still? Does the camera move? Does the focus change? What is the lighting like?

  • Pick a theme. If you want to create a video infographic, add relevant charts and graphs. Want to highlight a customer pain point, show a character on screen and take them through a journey.

Ess Joelle Okemow