We offer fast reliable service that embraces the complexity of everyday life. 


We make a variety of anatomical visual media: illustrations and diagrams for textbooks and interactive .pdfs, as well as animations for students. Vernacular produces our illustrations using a combination of digital painting, vector line work, and traditional techniques and our anatomical models are made using CT scans.

Our bio-molecular 3D illustrations and animations are made using Molecular Maya Autodesk and Adobe After Effects. Our visual storytelling prides itself on its cinematic quality. Vernacular works on projects that range from showing chemical and enzymatic reactions to molecular physiology.

Visual communication is so much more than pretty pictures. Our layouts are unique and are rooted in learning principles. Vernacular translates information beautifully and succinctly. We've worked on cover design, iBook creation, website design and many other design projects. 

Taking complex information and presenting it in a straightforward way is what we do--so schematics are very important to us. From technical illustration to organic chemistry, we use clean vector lines to create accurate, crisp schematics. 

We use traditional Coquille and digital illustration to create beautiful habitus drawings, techniques we’ve honed during our experience at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. 

Vernacular has collaborated with the renowned surgeons at the London Royal College of Surgeons as well as many hospitals and private clinics to create educational surgical sequences, illustrations, and animations.  

Medical education is important for tomorrow’s doctors and engaging visuals can help lead the way. We've worked on educational illustrations for disease progression, treatment plans, and even medical devices. 

We work with health professionals to make material suitable for all audiences, including patients. Our visuals can help to change perceptions and behaviours. Sometimes a big impact comes in a tiny pamphlet. 

Our posters are stunning and incorporate contemporary style with immaculate detail. We cater to specialized requests for all anatomy enthusiasts!