Title: Chemical Carcinogens in the Athabasca River: The Alberta Oil Sands and Increasing Cancer Rates
Tools: Photoshop CC, Maya Autodesk 2014, After Effects CC, Audition CC

Audience: Directed towards the general public, politicians, and researchers, and intended to raise awareness and interest in the field.   

Supervisors and project advisors: Prof C. Erolin, Lecturer, MSc’s Medical & Forensic Art, University of Dundee; Prof D. Phillips, Professor of Environmental Carcinogenesis, King’s College London; Dr E. Nagy, Post-Doctoral Training Fellow, Analytical and Environmental Sciences, King’s College London. 
Purpose: There is a lot of concern that the increased cancer rates around the Athabasca oil sands in Alberta (where I grew up) are a result of these PAHs. Many papers that have been published within recent years detail levels of PAHs in the Athabasca River and its tributaries that are actually much higher than initially reported. The link between PAH and cancers is widely established. This brief bio-molecular 3D animation presents these issues to the public, depicting the complex events underlying the pathophysiology specific to the types of cancers associated with increased PAHs. This project is targeting the general public, politicians, and even researchers in the field, and the desire is to increase knowledge and stimulate public interest in potential developments of new public policy surrounding the oil sands.