I'm currently working on a 3D medical animation about compartment syndrome. With something so complicated I really want to make sure I have all the tiny details ironed out before I jump into animating. Especially when it comes to rendering, I'd like to only have to go about it once, which means a lot of planning and a lot of initial discussions with surgeons and content experts. 

Coming up with a new storyboard template was also important for me. The last animations I've worked on I was the sole content developer, so there was less of a worry about not understanding what was supposed to be happening on screen and when. I've tried to create more of a comic strip that details that script we've written together as well as on-screen actions such as panning, zooming, and on-screen text and actions. 


I'm really excited by the complexity that this animation details and am doubly excited to get back to working in Maya after taking a bit of a break for other projects I've been working on! Can't wait to wrap this up and post it.