My Cover Design entry for the novel Springtime in Lawrence Park by Arnold Logan has won! After reading the first chapter I came up with a few different illustration ideas. The winning design description is written below:

In arriving at my concept for the cover of Springtime in Lawrence Park, I had spent a few hours scrolling through Google Maps, trying to get a sense of the neighbourhood that gives the book its title. The sheer volume of maintenance and delivery trucks and vans struck me; it appeared as though, on every street, someone’s house was being upgraded. I began to think about Raul’s aspirations for material and social advancement in relation to outward expressions of affluence and wealth. In my Google Maps sightseeing, I began to note what appeared to be recently renovated houses. I found four examples of houses that have been renovated in the past eight years, and whose renovations have been catalogued and archived by Google Maps Street View.
These four houses make up the eight twinned illustrations on the front and back cover of my design for Springtime in Lawrence Park. They suggest transformation as growth, but always also with a hint of anxiety, a gesture towards the potential of a sinister or undesirable past. They paradoxically mark themselves both as part of the affluent community and separate from it, their idiosyncratic designs a jarring deviation from the fabric of the neighbourhood. In this sense, the facades might be read as representative of Marie herself, a character simultaneously negotiating community expectations, repressed familial histories, and individual desires.


 I've spent the past few weeks working with the amazing team at Fire and Ash Publishers. It's been really interesting to learn more about about the publisher's world and what makes a great book cover. I feel like a lot of the things that make a great cover also make great medical illustrations. The image must tell a story while still engaging the viewer without being too cluttered. We are still working out fonts and finalizing small details but I'm so excited to have my work published.